Our Pastor has purchased the Lector Workbooks for us so please make good use of them and all the pertinent information they give.

Pronunciation guides are available in the Ministry Room, please use them.

Dress Code

Men are expected to wear shirts, tie, socks and sport coat or suit. Ladies should wear slack suits, jackets, tops or appropriate length dresses. Women should not wear Capri’s, cut-offs, tight dresses or skirts, sleeveless shirts or blouses. Shorts and flip-flops are not appropriate in the sanctuary. We are usually on once or twice a month so please make an effort to observe the dress code. Styles are very short, but not appropriate for lectors and Mass.


Arrive at least twenty (20) minutes prior to Mass. This gives you ample time to review the announcements and intercessions. Sign in on the Mass sheet and check off your name on the schedules posted on the bulletin board. Check the lectionary on the ambo to be sure it is turned to the readings for the day. Do not move the ribbons once the readings are marked. Please check carefully to be sure the other reader is present. If you are the only lector, please do both readings and ask a Eucharistic Minister to carry the book in procession. Do not ask another Eucharistic Minister to read as we are to do only one (1) ministry at a given liturgy. The person carrying the Gospel Book makes a slight bow before entering the sanctuary. We do not make any other bows during the Mass. We do, however, enter and leave the sanctuary with hands folded in a comfortable way.


Like the first greeting, Brothers and Sisters introduce some of the readings so read it as a greeting and with enthusiasm and smile! Perhaps, if we said this with some vigor, people may listen to us rather than read the missal. If there is no Cantor, the first lector reads the Responsorial


Step back after the reading and pause at least twenty (20) seconds before beginning to read the Psalm. The second reader puts the Lectionary on the shelf after concluding the reading. If you forget to do this, please go back to the ambo and do it before the Priest arrives there. It is almost impossible to juggle both of these books at the same time. The first lector reads the intercessions. Review them before Mass. Give yourself ample time to be ready when the priest finishes his prayer. Pause shortly before saying: We pray to the Lord, do not mumble these words but do look at the congregation when reciting them. Be sure to check the names specifically associated with the Mass you are attending. If you are unsure of pronunciation, ask the Team Leader. Not all the names of the deceased are read at every Mass. Turn and face the Priest for his closing prayer before returning to your pew.