Dec. 20, 1957 – Archbishop Joseph P. Hurley, Bishop of St. Augustine Dioceses, in a letter to Fr. Joseph F Daly, requested research begun as to the likelihood to establish a ‘place of worship’ in Northern Sarasota County or Southern Manatee County.

Aug. 23, 1958 – Archbishop Hurley advised Fr Daly he had now deferred any decision on a place of worship in the area.

Sept. 28, 1959 – Fr. Leonard Duncan was given responsibility to establish a ‘Whitfield area Catholic Mission’ on the 13 acres at Pennsylvania Ave. (now 9th St. E.) and Magellan Drive.

Oct 2, 1959 – Fr. Duncan arranged to offer Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at the “Holiday Yacht Club” on North Tamiami Trail.

Oct 11, 1959 – Fr. Duncan celebrated First Mass at Holiday Yacht Club (now known as Holiday Inn).

Oct. 16, 1959 – Archbishop Hurley authorized Fr. Duncan to offer 3 masses on Sundays & Holy Days in the Whitfield area. (essentially establishing the parish).

Oct 23, 1959 – Archbishop Hurley assigned the name of the new parish as “Our Lady Queen of Martyrs”.

Nov. 1, 1959 – Fr. Duncan celebrated Mass for the first time at Trailer Estates Auditorium 12:00 noon.

Nov. 9, 1960 – Archbishop Hurley signed the contract to construct a “temporary church building for OLQM Parish.

Nov. 20, 1960 – Ground breaking ceremonies to construct the new temporary church was held.

April 2, 1961 – First Mass in the new provisional church was celebrated. (Easter Sunday)

June, 1961 – Fr. Duncan reassigned.

July-Sep, 1961 – Parish administrators John Scannel then Fr J. Keith Simons were assigned to OLQM.

Oct., 1961 – Fr. James S Honnen was assigned 2nd pastor of OLQM

Mar., 1962 – Fr. Joseph P. Moran appointed 3rd pastor of OLQM

____, 1963 – School building began construction.

Aug., 1964 – Sisters of St. Francis arrived to administer and staff the new school.

Sept., 1964 – First classes – grades 1 thru 4 began.

Jun., 1965 – Fr. Moran redecorated provisional church and enlarged old rectory building.

July, 1966 – Fr. Thaddeus McHugh appointed 4th pastor of OLQM.

Jun. 17, 1968 – OLQM assigned to new Dioceses of St. Petersburg

July, 1968 – OLQM school was closed due to insufficient enrollment.

July, 1969 – Fr. Martin Flynn appointed 5th pastor of OLQM.

____, 1971 – Provisional church was enlarged to a capacity of 460.

____, 1975 – New rectory built, including parish office space.

Mar. 8, 1983 – Ground breaking for construction of permanent church building.

May 28, 1984 – First mass celebrated in new church.

Oct. 14, 1984 – New church officially dedicated by Bishop W. Thomas Larkin. (2nd Bishop of St. Petersburg)

Oct. 25, 1984 – OLQM became a part of the new Dioceses of Venice, Florida.

Oct, 1985 – Flynn Hall was created by renovating the provisional church building.

Sep. 1991 – Fr. Thomas Zeder appointed parish administrator.

Nov. 23, 1991 – Fr. Flynn died.

May, 1992 – Fr. Neil J. Flemming appointed 6th pastor

____, 1993 – New parish administrative center constructed.

Dec. 7, 1996 – Fr. Joseph F. Connolly, TOR appointed 7th pastor. Parish was officially assigned as a Franciscan parish.

January 16, 2021 – Fr. Joseph F. Connolly, TOR died. 

March 1, 2021 – Fr. John Hoang appointed parish administrator.

March 19, 2023 Fr. John Hoang installed 8th pastor of OLQM.