The mission of the Arts and Environment Committee of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs is to augment the worship by the Church community through the stimulation of the senses to inspire a deeper understanding and appreciation of the liturgy. This is achieved through the use of fabrics, plants, flowers, colors, textures, articles from nature, art, religious and other symbols, and any other appropriate materials that support the displays. For the most part, color is dictated by the assigned liturgical colors as assigned throughout the liturgical year for its seasons, solemnities, feasts and memorials. The liturgy itself guides the themes utilized in “decorating” the various areas of the church.

Attempts are made to vary the décor each year so as to avoid becoming expected and boring. Interpreting the liturgy in different ways also encourages the congregation to contemplate on the meanings of decorations and symbols used and how they relate to the various Scriptures. Symbolism plays a major role in the Catholic religion, and many such symbols can be found within the decorations used to enhance the Celebration of the Liturgy. The Holy Spirit is the guiding force behind all the work that we do. Anyone who would doubt this just needs to spend one “decorating day” with us to see His power and wonder unfold in the efforts we put forth.