The goal of the Lector Ministry is to provide dedicated and well prepared readers of the Word for every Mass offered in our parish.

Lectors are members of the Assembly who proclaim the Word in the first two scripture readings and are the first to deliver the Word at Mass. We are proud to have 45 dedicated readers.

Becoming a lector is a serious decision and commitment to your faith and parish, since you are sharing your time and energy to the service of the church.

Training and preparation are necessary for those persons wishing to be Lectors. Proclaiming the Sacred Scripture is different from other kinds of public speaking. Not only do Lectors need to be effective communicators, but they need to absorb and express the spirit of the Liturgy as well. Training is provided on an individual basis. Ask Fr. Paul or Fr. John, they are willing and available to assist us in this ministry.

Vatican II said, “They (lectors) exercise a genuine liturgical function. They ought, therefore, to discharge their office with the sincere piety and decorum demanded by so exalted a ministry and right expected of them by God’s people. Consequently, they must all be trained to perform their functions in a correct and orderly manner… Christ is present in His word since it is He Himself who speaks when the Holy Scriptures are read in the church.”

Any parishioner who feels called to this Ministry is welcome and asked to contact the Parish Office 755-1826 or the leader’s ministry in the bulletin.