The committee itself is led by Father Benjamin and is staffed by church congregation volunteers. Each brings unique talents and gifts to the group. Some are skilled at designing, creating and building special projects, or are flower arrangers, seamstresses, expert shoppers, unafraid to climb ladders or crawl into small spaces, don’t mind getting a little dirty, come to complete a plan by being “worker bees”, make phone calls, or offer creative ideas. In other words, no special talent is required, just a willingness to donate whatever time/talents one has already. We meet on a regular basis, with frequency often dictated by the needs of the liturgy and season. It is at these meetings that the major discussions and planning occurs for decorating throughout the year. In accordance, times we gather to implement the plans are during essentially unoccupied times in the church (Saturdays or some evenings usually). We welcome anyone of any age to join our group. One requirement is that we strive to work with open minds, respectful of others ideas and opinions.

Of note, when flowers/plants are allowed, there will always be some live ones incorporated into the designs. We have progressed to the use of many silks and other accent pieces over time. One reason is purely fiscal. We operate on a relatively small budget considering all we do. Especially during long seasons (Easter is 50 days, Christmas approximately 14 days) and because of the lack of natural light in our Church, maintaining live plants is nearly impossible and new purchases must be made to keep the look fresh and respectable. The cost of that proposal alone would utilize the main portion of our budget leaving very little for the rest of the year. Also, we as a committee are of the mind that we will not incur the acceptance and responsibility of plants we cannot in good conscience maintain and keep alive. That would be an unacceptable waste of the gifts of living objects that have been provided by the grace of God. We will always have some live flowers, and will otherwise utilize artificial creations (thanks to the talents given by God as well) to enhance the atmosphere and attitude of worship.

We hope the various pages indicated will provide some insight as to who we are, what we do, and why we do it. Again, we welcome any additions to our group, whether it is for a few hours, or for the seasons. Please provide your contact information to the parish office as well as any questions/concerns you may have. Our hope is to continue to update this site with interpretations for our seasonal celebrations and pictures of our Church as it evolves through the Liturgical years.